Who are we?

Roland Mahler started in 1995 with RM Deuren: a company that specializes in maintenance, repair and inspection of industrial and overhead doors. But for as long as Roland can remember, he had a big passion: cars. Big, small, young or old, it didn't really matter. As long as it had an engine.

Roland sold his first car when he was 18, from his parents' garage. His passion for cars didn't fade away. Next to his activities at RM Deuren, he often sold one or two cars. These were mostly passenger cars, later on Roland also started selling company cars. His hobby grew into a second company: RM Bedrijfswagens (company cars).

In 2005 RM Bedrijfswagens completely switched from passenger cars to company cars, like busses, pick-ups and even four-wheel trailers. Our goal is to provide our clients with decent, well-maintained company cars, with a little price tag. With the emphasis on little, because we barely sell a car with a price above €5000,-.

Would you like to come by and take a look at our cars? We will gladly show you around. Please call us in advance, so we can make sure the coffee is ready.

Thank you for visiting our site, and hopefully we'll see you in the Netherlands!

Warm regards, Roland Mahler